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If your teeth are less than perfect and you don't have the money to spend on crowns or other expensive solutions, then consider dentures. The dentists at ProDentures are highly reputable and will help you get affordable dentures in Houston, TX. There are also many benefits to calling us that you might not find with other options that are available.

Strength and Function

Dentures are strong and held in place by structures that prevent movement when you're biting or chewing. With them, you’ll be able to chew like you would with natural teeth. This means that you don't have to worry about neglecting your nutritional health because you don't have the teeth to eat a wider range of healthy foods. There also won’t be as many restrictions on the foods that you can eat as there would be with other dental options, or if you don't do anything to save the teeth that you have in the mouth.

Since dentures will allow you to have a full set of teeth, there also won’t be as many issues with talking. The mouth will have the full and natural structure that you would have with your natural teeth instead of a sunken appearance if there aren't any teeth in the mouth.


If you have a several teeth that need to be crowned, you might be looking at spending a significant amount of money. But with dentures you can have a beautiful smile and healthy mouth without hurting your budget. Dentures often last for years and years if you take care of them making them a very affordable investment over time.


Dentures protect the gums from damage that might occur from trying to eat or from objects that come into close contact with the mouth. A partial denture is a viable option if you still have teeth that are healthy. The partial will protect these teeth as it's attached to these in the mouth. Dentures can also protect the lips and cheeks by keeping the mouth full instead of sinking in on itself at times, which can sometimes result in cracking of the skin on the lips and damage to the interior cheeks.

A New Look

Ultimately, dentures will give you a new look as they resemble your natural teeth. You’ll be able to chew and talk comfortably, and smile more confidently. Just remember to clean them regularly to keep them white and shiny. Call ProDentures today at 1-800-776-3368 to schedule a free initial consultation and exam complete with x-rays.


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