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Patients in Houston with partial dentures often enjoy more confidence when smiling while also benefiting from a renewed ability to properly chew and digest food. Partials that are well-made and properly fitted can be fairly durable and a smart investment. Yet, proper cleaning is necessary to ensure partial dentures perform as expected. Care also involves paying attention to adjacent teeth and gums, and checking in with your dentist regularly.

Clean Partial Dentures Daily

Partials should be cleaned and brushed at least once a day. Accidentally dropping dentures can be avoided by standing over a sink or using a folded towel while removing partials for daily cleaning.

Use a Denture Brush

It's best to use a special denture brush to clean partials rather than a normal toothbrush. Denture brushes have a different shape and bristles arranged to better fit the shape of specially crafted teeth and related components. Brushes with hard bristles should be avoided.

Opt for Denture Paste

Regular toothpaste is too abrasive for partial dentures. Denture paste, which is designed to be gentler on acrylic, is recommended. Mild dishwashing liquid or hand soap is also acceptable.

Thoroughly Rinse Partials

During a regular cleaning, partials need to be thoroughly rinsed to remove food particles, especially anything that gets stuck inside supporting hardware. Cleansing tablets can also be used to remove loose plaque and light stains. Darker beverages like coffee or tea should be avoided as much as possible to prevent deeper stains from developing on partials.

Gently Brush Partial Dentures

After applying denture paste to a denture brush, brushing should be done with gentle motions similar to what's done with regular tooth-brushing. All surfaces of the partial denture can be brushed, including attachments and components.

Place in Overnight Soaking Solution

Partial dentures need to be kept moist so they retain their shape. Partials should be soaked in a cleaning solution overnight. Doing so can also remove smaller particles and bacteria. Partials with metal attachments, however, should not be soaked overnight.

Take Care of Gums and Other Teeth

Cleaning of partial dentures is more effective for overall oral care when it's combined with regular care of other teeth that are still in place. Caring for the gums to avoid irritation also makes it possible to wear partials comfortably. Patients are encouraged to tell their dentist about any sores or signs of inflammation they may spot while taking partials in and out for cleaning.

Make Dental Check-ups a Habit

It's important for patients in Houston with partial dentures to also be mindful of the condition of the appliance itself. Because partials are taken in and out on a regular basis, they are susceptible to misalignment and other damages that may seem minor. However, even minor issues can lead to an improper fit and gum irritation. Patients with partials can minimize this risk by combining home care with regular dental visits. If you find your partial dentures need to be repaired or relined, give ProDentures at call today at 1-800-776-3368.


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