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Good Service At Bargain Prices? From A DENTIST? “What’s the catch?”

You should see your faces when I show you how much money you’ll be saving vs getting dentures done by “regular” dentists or corporate clinics.

Nowadays skepticism is the norm. We’re all steling ourselves to be shafted yet again from those we used to trust. (Don’t get me started…)

So your fears are normal, maybe even healthy when the care of a loved one is involved. You deserve a good answer. Here’s the “catch”:

I want ProDentures to be so much better yet cheaper that you feel you MUST TELL all your friends and family.

All great businesses grow mainly by Word of Mouth. I want to make ProDentures the one dental exception where exorbitant fees are NOT seen. So you will feel compelled to share the money-saving secret with others.

That’s the “Why we do it” answer. Here’s the answer to “How we do it”.

"The Four Uncommon Ways How I Made ProDentures Better Yet Cheaper For You!”

Here’s how I made it true:

    1. I use an in-house denture lab. By cutting out the middle man, we can make good dentures here and pass the savings onto you.
    2. We don’t see children. Most dentists see lots of kids which takes time and doesn’t produce profits. So adult prices have to be raised sky-high to make up the difference. Not at ProDentures.
    3. Many steps in dentures can be delegated to my great staff. If I can oversee many patients’ care vs doing it all personally, each one can be priced much cheaper.
    4. I choose NOT to overcharge for my extractions and surgery fees. Here’s the dirty little secret: It’s pretty easy and fast to pull teeth after you’ve done thousands.

That’s it. Put your skepticism aside. Please tell a friend. God bless you.

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