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“They Laughed When I opened A Low-Cost Denture Practice But When My Patients Started To Smile…”

Most dentists don’t “get” me.

When all of my fellow dentists are trying to perform (and sell) only the most complicated and costly procedures, I’m trying to go “back to the basics,” and it’s working!

How I Am Building ProDentures® With A “Fool Idea”

Here’s my crazy idea:

I believe that good people who have no teeth or lots of bad teeth would like less costly and more conservative choices to look better and get healthier.

Or like it says on our billboard:

Good Dentures At Great Prices!

That’s the “fool idea” that drives us at ProDentures®. And that’s why most dentists laugh at my practice.

Hopefully, you think otherwise and appreciate our “back to basics” approach to dental care.

“You Never Heard Such Happy Comments From Our Patients!”

Many of our happy patients found us through, our informational website.

But many other neighbors have been referred to us by our happy patients. In case this was you, I’d like you to know more about our unusual practice – so that you can tell your friends and family too!

At the risk or sounding immodest, let me list how we are different and why your friends need to find us:

“11 Reasons Why Your Friends Need To Know About Our New Money-Savings ProDentures®"

  1. 100% FREE exams and all X-rays (Normally $145 or more)
  2. Half price or less extractions and dentures compared to other dentists
  3. Three choices of quality dentures to fit any budget (Good/Better/Best)
  4. 100% Money Back Guarantee on all full dentures (We take all of the risk to your friends’ satisfaction.)
  5. Financing is available plus we will file for their dental insurance and they only pay their remaining share
  6. One stop shop where all of their dental needs are handled here (Referrals are rarely needed.)
  7. Respect of their time with easy to get appointments (Saturdays too)
  8. Locally owned practices (Unlike corporate clinics, they can talk to the owners and decision-makers.)
  9. Personal consideration with on-time appointments vs. denture clinics’ “cattle call,” take-a-number systems
  10. Easy to get to offices: off 290 in Cypress and off I-59 in SW Houston
  11. Our main focus is partials and dentures (Though general dentists, we have tons of experience doing just these special procedures.)

Be A Good Samaritan!

Please tell your friends who need major dental work to call us at 1-800-PRO-DENTURES or send them to!

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