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Houston Dentist Explains When Your Partial Dentures Need to Be Adjusted Dentures are considered to be one of the best long-term and affordable solutions to missing teeth. However, as the years go by, partial dentures that have been specifically made to suit you may begin to feel too tight or loose. Over time, the mouth undergoes certain changes like gum recession or bone shrinkage that can affect the fit of your dentures. Instead of living with ill-fitting dentures, visit your dentist for an adjustment, especially if you notice the following.

Difficulty in Speaking or Chewing

Restoring the ability to speak or eat properly is one of the main reasons why many people look into getting dentures. If you think your dentures are getting in the way of both, it’s probably because they no longer match the shape of your gums. This can cause adults, particularly seniors, to eat less or settle for softer types of food. Fortunately, the dentists at ProDentures can often refit your dentures the same day.

Chipped and Broken Teeth

Most dentists recommend cleaning dentures while standing over a towel or a sink of water so as not to damage them if accidentally dropped. Dentures can break easily when enough pressure is applied to them, causing chips or cracks and teeth to break. When this happens, don’t attempt to put your dentures back together. A dentist with an in-house denture lab can ensure that the dentures are properly fitted again and there are no jagged, uneven pieces on which to cut yourself.

Pain or Soreness

A little discomfort or soreness is to be expected when you first begin to wear your new dentures, but this should not persist months later. When pain leads to inflammation or bleeding, it could mean that there is a defect in the dentures’ surface. On the other hand, if you feel pain near your canine teeth when you bite down, it could indicate bone reabsorption. Either way, an adjustment can alleviate these conditions.

Unpleasant Odors or Staining

Caring for your dentures requires following your dentist’s recommendations very carefully. However, if you notice persistent odors or staining despite keeping up with the suggested denture care routine, it’s best to take it to your dentist for examination. Make inspecting your dentures a habit and keep an eye out for anything unusual about its structure. Even if dentures have replaced most of your teeth, the rule of thumb of going to the dentist every six months still applies. This way, you can bring up any concerns, ask for advice on how to prolong your dentures’ life and have your dentures checked for any potential complications or problems. Give ProDentures a call at 800-776-3368 to learn more about how partial dentures can bring you a better smile and quality of life.


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