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Dental implants are increasing in popularity for their ability to restore lost teeth and improve patient smiles. Both men and women can enhance their appearance with implants that are correctly installed by experienced dental professionals like those with ProDentures.

When you want to improve your oral health and the look of your teeth, consider these benefits that come with dental implants.

Improved Oral Health

Unlike dental bridges, surrounding teeth in the mouth won’t need to be used to support the dental implants once it has been put in place. You can improve your oral health long-term with dental implants that are individually placed into the gums and underlying bone to ensure that the surrounding teeth are not affected by the appliance. Spaces are also available in between the gums to make sure that you can continue to floss and brush properly.

Dental implants also won't deteriorate or develop cavities, which allows you to avoid worrying about future dental problems in these teeth. Caring for these new teeth is also easy with simple brushing and flossing that should be performed each day.


Dental implants offer a high level of convenience because they stay intact and never need to be removed. You also won't have to worry about messy adhesives to keep them in place or feeling embarrassed if they fall out from time to time or cause issues with chewing or eating. Dental implants use the bone for support to ensure that they stay in place for many years. You can also obtain immediate results once the procedure is completed.

Eating More Comfortably

Many people tend to eat more of the foods the like once the implants are installed. They can begin to chew easier and eat solid foods that include apples, candy, and nuts with ease. It will also be easy to drink different types of beverages without having the teeth become yellow or stained over time. The implants will maintain the same shade of color and will allow you to have a very natural smile.

Improve Your Appearance

One of the main reasons that most patients consider getting the implants is to improve their oral appearance. You'll look and feel better with a beautiful smile that takes years off of your face and improves both your personal and professional life. Teeth that are in place will prevent the face from sagging and can stop the jawbone from deteriorating due to missing teeth.

If you have any missing teeth consider dental implants! Schedule and appointment with a ProDentures dentist today and see if you’re a viable candidate. We offer a free evaluation and X-ray, along with a one-on-one doctor consultation.


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