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Comparison Of Complete Dentures And Implant Supported Dentures

Fabricating a set of complete dentures is a major challenge for practitioners at any dental clinic in Houston. The most critical aspect is that the impression of the dentures must accurately match the toothless gums of the patients. Unlike the lower complete denture, the maxillary denture is comparatively effortless to make. An implant supported lower denture is far superior to a complete denture. The reasons are,

  • It is hard to get the required suction on the lower jaw because of the functioning of the tongue.
  • The ridge tends to get resorbed over time decreasing its stability.
  • Increased chewing efficacy. The complete dentures have just 10% of the chewing power of natural teeth.
On the whole, implant supported denture has several advantages over the conventional dentures. They can provide,
  • Less irritation of gums.
  • More confidence, the patients do not have to worry about the risk of dentures slipping out.
  • Improved appearance.
  • Increased chewing efficacy. The complete dentures have just 10% of the chewing power of natural teeth.

However, denture implants in Houston tend to be very expensive. Most dental insurance companies do not cover the cost of the entire procedure. But few clinics that are specialized in this type of treatments related to other places where treating implant patients are occasional can provide moreaffordable dentures in Houston. Special discount are given at some clinics for those in need of multiple implants. Even though implant dentures in Houston are costly, it will be worth the investment considering the long term benefits and comfort of the patients.

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